Band Biography

Structural is a melodic/technical death metal band, Formed in 2015 by guitarists Shani Friedman & Tamir Vered, vocalist Nadav Zaidman and drummer Yahel Goldstein. After several line-up changes, the band now features Shani Friedman and Tomer Dembinsky (Guitars), Nadav Zaidman (Vocals), Koren Taboh (Bass), and Vadim Sergyenko (Drums).

Motivated by the ambition to create its own unique voice, Structural has been working for three years on soldering the right combination of fierce drumming, complex and odd-timed modern riffs alongside communicative melodies, led by utterly ruthless vocals. In order to achieve a relentless outcome, the group turned to producer Alex Zvulun in august of 2016 and started working on their debut album “Metacognition”, which has been released on June 3rd, 2018.

The debut album caught the danish booking agency, Intromental, which later on, signed the band to their roaster. After joining Intromental’s roaster, Structural started writing their second album, and during that time, the band joins to Semblant’s Vermilion Eclipse European tour. during that tour, the band got many positive feedbacks from web magazines.

The new album, which will be called “Decrowned” was mixed and mastered by the well-known producer Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Shadow of Intent, a.o.). The band also contacted Giannis Nakos (Remedy Art Design) for the artwork.

Right before releasing the album, the band had the opportunity to tour once again, this time with Fleshgod Apocalypse as a part of the MOTOCULTOR ACROSS EUROPE tour.

The album is planned to be released during 2023’s summer through the label ViciSolum Productions.


Selection of Blindness


Turn On the Lights


What a Wonderful World (Cover)


The Ceremony (Cut to the Point)


Live Shows


Metacognition (2018)

What A Wonderful World (2021)

Decrowned (2023)